Burman Estate Services is an S Corporation registered in the state of Oregon. Bonnie Burman, Professional Fiduciary, is the principal and owner of the company. A Bend resident since 1997, she has an extensive background in corporate financial management both independently while running her own consulting practice and working for Fortune 500 companies. Her experience has involved every level and complexity of corporate financial reporting and administration. This background combined with her education provides her with the tools to make sound decisions on behalf of Burman Estate Services’ clients. We offer excellent professional and personal service with compassion and competence. To better serve our clients we continue to expand our knowledge base by studying Oregon law through CLE courses covering estates, trusts and elder law as well as through the university system where Professional Fiduciary advanced courses are offered.


Bonnie Burman | Owner
Bonnie Burman | Owner

Bonnie Burman Smith, Professional Fiduciary

Education Qualifications

  • BA, Political Economy, U.C. Berkeley
  • Master’s Degree, Business Administration, Golden Gate University
  • Licensed Principal Broker, State of Oregon Real Estate Agency
  • Background Check cleared by Oregon State Police and F.B.I.
  • Former Deschutes County Court Visitor (Volunteer)